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Welcome to our two (very different) locations with many rotating taps and hundreds of bottles of the best beer from Europe and beyond. Our intimate location at 716 NW 21st specializes in Belgians and Belgian-style beers. Our beer hall at 1650 NW 23rd offers the best beers from all over the world, including Europe and the U.S.. In the spirit of maximizing the enjoyment of our offerings, we store our bottled beer at temperatures as close as possible to the recommended serving temperature, take special care in cleaning our beer glassware the right way, and of course, serve our beer in the intended style of glassware. Both Abbeys have televisions to catch your favorite Timbers, football or other event! The Abbey on 23rd has free wifi, so bring your future novel and enjoy a beer while you work! Kids are welcome at both locations until 9pm, when the OLCC makes us send them off to bed.beeringlass

Beer, Wine, Ciders These are our current bottle offerings. We carry hundreds of bottles of quality European styles from all over the world. Keep in mind brewers are as creative about their craft beer as anyone, and it is sometimes difficult to categorize their beers. That said, we have given it the old college try, and attempt to give you an idea of what to expect for the beers in each category. If you disagree with how we have categorized or described something, we invite you to come down and argue your point over a beer.

  • Wines

  • Ciders

  • Radlers

  • Pilsners/Lagers

  • Dortmunders/Export Lagers

  • Goses

  • Witbier

  • Berliner Weisses

  • Hefeweizens

  • Kristalweizens

  • Märzens

  • Dunkelweizens

  • Saisons/Farmhouse

  • Norwegian Farmhouse Harvest Ales

  • Sahtis

  • Belgian Pales

  • English Pale Ale

  • English Bitters

  • Belgian IPAs

  • Bieres de Garde

  • Tripels

  • Bieres de Champagne

  • Belgian Strong Pales

  • Old Ales

  • Scotch Ales/Wee Heavies

  • English Strongs

  • Fruit Beers

  • Lambics

  • Gueuzes

  • Flanders Reds (sour)

  • Flanders Oud Bruins (sour)

  • Wild Ales

  • Ambers

  • English Browns

  • Weizen Bocks

  • Schwarzbiers

  • Dubbels

  • English Porters

  • Baltic Porters

  • Doppelbocks

  • Altbiers

  • Rauchbiers

  • Belgian Darks

  • Belgian Strong Darks

  • Quadrupels

  • Stouts

  • English Barleywines

  • Eisbocks

  • Others made in Denmark

  • Others made in the U.K.

  • Others made elsewhere in Europe

  • Others made in Belgium

  • Other amazing beers

  • Meads

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Menu Discover our menu

Abbey on 21st


House made 2,50
castelvetrano olives
Six fat, lightly salty yet buttery olives1,50
Pretzel bites
With house beer mustard5
With house beer cheese6
With both6,50
Smoked Wild Pacific Salmon Spread
House alder-smoked wild Pacific salmon, spiced cream cheese, baguette9


Tasty fries with with one sauce (additional sauces available for .50 each)5
House-beer-brined Brussels sprouts, breaded, herbs, Parmesan, with one sauce (additional sauce available for .50 each)8
Sauces: Abbey, Andalouse, Curry Ketchup, Horseradish, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Samurai


flemish stew
The Abbey's classic - slow cooked beef braised in Abbey Ale, onions, served with noodles14
Onions, beef stock, beer, Gruyere5
Ask your server!4,50

cheese and meat plates

Almonds, honey, baguette9
Almonds, dried currants, honey, baguette9
From Chop, served with L’Amuse Signature aged Gouda, house-brined vegetables, Dijon, baguette13
Wild Boar Kielbasa
Kielbasa from Chop L’Amuse Signature aged Gouda, house-brined vegetables, stone ground mustard, baguette13

other deliciousness

abbey hash
Potatoes, smoked ham, house-brined Brussels sprouts, two eggs10
pommes bomb
Like Belgian poutine! Stew, frites, horseradish sauce11

things on buns

Served with pommes frites and a sauce, or upgrade to Brussels frites for $2. Add bacon for $1,50, an egg for $1,50, or a second burger patty for $5.
Abbey burger
Our nod to the Belgian pop culture icon the Bicky burger, with three unique sauces and topped with fried onion rings13
blue cheese burger
Blue cheese concoction, topped with tomato, onion and arugula.13
Mitraillette burger
Melted Tillamook cheddar, pommes frites, slaw and aioli.  13
flemish burger
Our famous stew in the form of a burger with gravy, onion rings13
Slaw, bread and butter pickles, mayo, frites12
shredded beef SLIDERS
Blue cheese crumbles, horseradish, jalapeno rings, arugula12

Abbey on 23rd

We do not serve food at our 23rd location so we invite you to bring your own picnic at our 23rd location or order from neighboring restaurants!

Events Stay up to date with us

Trivia Every Tuesday at 7pm at 23rd!
Tastings! - Every Sat 3-4pm

Tastings! - Every Sat 3-4pm

Pop in to either location every Saturday for free tastings of...who knows what! But no matter what we are surprising…

Delirium Tremens KEEP THE GLASS night! - Wed Jan 31

Delirium Tremens KEEP THE GLASS night! -…

You know them, you love them--those little pink elephant glasses from Delirium Tremens! Well thanks to  Wetten Importers (the esteemed importer…

Ale Apothecary Night - Thu Feb 1

Ale Apothecary Night - Thu Feb 1

This is a rare chance to enjoy a three-beer flight of amazing and hard-to-find Ale Apothecary beers and meet Paul…


Happy Hour

$2,25 Leffes (blond and brune) and Trumer Pils Monday-Friday open to 6PM.

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