Bottle vs. Draft Debate

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Yes, Americans have learned to love draft beer, and there is a good reason for that—many of the beers we have traditionally brewed here (think: IPA) taste best fresh!

Belgian beer can be the exception.

Let’s assume that we are talking about a retailer (let’s call it The Abbey for simplicity’s sake), that takes care of its beer: the draft beer system is professionally cleaned every two weeks, and the beer is protected from the temperatures and light spectrum that can compromise the quality of the beer. So, we are talking about beer that is well cared for before it gets to your glass.

Now, why should you choose that well cared for bottle of Belgian beer over the draft of the same beer?

Because that bottle contains yeast, and the draft rarely does. The beer in that bottle has undergone a secondary fermentation in the bottle because of the yeast in it and that changes everything—natural carbonation, a beautiful head, still-developing flavors and a marrying of the flavors that are in there.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Skeptical? Try a bottle of Belgian beer head-to-head with your next draft of the same beer and judge for yourself.