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Belgium Independence Day – Sun Jul 21

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To celebrate the feistiness of the southern provinces against the United Kingdom and The Netherlands, and the formation of an independent Belgium, we are going to offer flights from each region of Belgium and also try some of their new and creative offerings. See the distinct differences in the traditional beers of the different areas,…

Sour Beer Day – Sat Sep 14

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A one-day-only tasting experience of the best Belgium sour styles and U.S. wild ales, along with food pairings. And if you are not sure sours are for you, don’t worry. There will be introductory sour flights of “gateway sours” for you to safely dip your toe in the sour beer world.¬†Noon-9pm.…

Duchesse Cherry Release Party

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A new iteration of the exquisite Duchesse De Bourgogne–the Duchesse Cherry! It is a blend of 1 and 2 year old beers aged in oak casks with sour cherries. You won’t want to miss our flights during the release party and, of course, swag.…